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Monday, December 7, 2009

Fashion in different countries

Italy: Italians expect people to have well kept hair and a sense of style. Italian fashion has had it all. Both Italian men and women have the best clothes, perfumes, shoes, jewellery, and hair for the past century. Italian cities take pride in making beautiful men and women. Italian people dress with care and confidence. But most importantly it is having attitude. For Italians it's not about fashion, it's about the attitude!

Spain: Spanish fashion has become part of their culture. Spanish people use a lot of black when designing their clothes. They do there shopping in the most common Spanish shops. Such as Zara, Pull and Bear, Bereskha, and El Corte en Ingles. During festive times Spanish wear loose, flowing dresses. They wear bright coloured clothing. They also wear flowers in their hair.

India: Indian fashion varies from villages to cities. There heritage is rich in tradition. They use bright, colours. Indian sari remains tradition for woman's clothing. It is a long piece of fabric woven in different textures and patterns. It can show woman's status such as: age, occupation, region, and religion.

Tanzania: People who live in Tanzania wear bright colourful clothes. They are also worn throughtout Africa. They normally wear one piece of clothing which is wrapped around the whole body. Thier style of clothing has been influences by middle eastern countries.


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